March 17, 2014

Glass Candle Holders

Ever so slowly I'm starting to add spring-like accessories into my current decor.  

It's baby steps here folks, it is after all only March in Minnesota and spring could very well be a long way off still.  So I'm trying to keep my excitement for spring under control until the month of April rolls around.

Even though I'm trying to keep my excitement at arms length away I couldn't resist strolling through Targets garden section the other day.  

They have a few fun items this year and lots of lanterns!  Since I'm a sucker for lanterns I couldn't resist picking up two glass hurricane lanterns - aren't they pretty.

They have them in three different sizes, I picked the medium size but now I'm think maybe I should pick up a large one too.

I love their rustic vibe and the subtle pale blue tint to the glass.  Something I didn't notice in the store but was very excited about once I got them home.

I placed simple votive candles inside since I'm not a big fan of cleaning up melted wax messes

Grouped together along with a simple faux flowering branch of blooms on the chippy coffee table I think my new lanterns are the perfect way to start transitioning my living room over to its spring decor.

They are Simple and Pretty - - Perfect for me.

How about you,  have you started freshening up any rooms in your home for spring?

Bye now,


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  1. OH so pretty, Robin...LOVE the lanterns! And yes, I have started adding spring into my house...with this long winter, I just HAVE to!

  2. So pretty! Lowes has aa nice selection this year of lanterns. Simple is best sometimes :)



  3. Such pretty lanterns! I love the bubbled glass!

  4. I have to Target this week (I try to avoid it) and I might just look for those lanterns. We eat too early to use candlelight now that daylights savings time has begun. The little lanterns will look cute next to whatever I have on the center of the dining room table.

    And, I absolutely LOVE the table you use as a coffee table.

  5. They look pretty Robin, have to check out my local TARGET soon for these!

  6. They look so beautifully spring-like, Robin! Love the seeded pale blue glass! I have to agree with you. It's time that spring made her appearance! You have had a winter a lot like us here in MI. Brutal and oh so harsh. I think that a warm up is a ways off for us, too, unfortunately. :( But at least we can pretend it's warm outside by bringing flowers inside! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. Very pretty! I want to buy every lantern I see but then I remember how much I don't like to dust ;) That chippy table is amazing!

  8. I like to add spring colors throughout the house .. just like you did, perhaps with a simple flower on a table .. simplicity is my favorite thing! Then move and responded objects in a new way so that the house always seems alive! Yours is always beautiful! ^__^

  9. I love the lanterns, haven't seen them in Target. Isn't Target the best?! I'm thinking Spring which arrives on Thursday while snow and ice are what awaits when I look out the window here in VA :)

    Hugs ~ Mary

  10. They are just so pretty, I have been adding things here and there as well. I am hurting inside because I want Spring to happen NOW! LOL Well I will just keep adding Spring things and I am sure it will happen, some day. :-) Thanks for sharing and have a great day. :-)

  11. I love the bubble glass! Target is such a good place to find wonderful items. The lanterns look perfect on your chippy coffee table. Thanks for sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays.

  12. I love simple and pretty! I think I better head to Target tomorrow!

  13. I love thrift store shopping for lovely items like these

  14. This whole room feels simple and pretty! You are a brave woman to go with lots of white. I love the lanterns and they fit very well with the theme of the room! You could even get fake votive candles and then there's no clean up at all!

  15. These are so creative and have such a rustic feel to them! I never would have thought to put the candles inside the jars, but they are very cute! The bubbled and blue tinted glass makes it even nice, and looks great with the pink. I'm not crafty enough to attempt these, but I definitely want to find some glass candle holders!


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