June 23, 2014

Windowsill Plants

There is just nothing more summertime-like than a pretty plant set on a kitchen windowsill.

  It's such a homey, pretty look.

While I was trying to figure out how to decorate this space for the summer I happened to plop two plants over there just to get them out of the way for a little while and I had an "ahh, haa" moment.

Why complicate things when simple will do.

Since I had originally thought these plants would be scattered around the house I didn't worry to much about matching the urns I placed them in.  Now I sort of wish they were more matchy-matchy.  

Last year I had such good luck with two asparagus ferns that I bought in the spring I decided to try a couple more plants to see if they would work well as house plants.  I ended up with two, new to me plants.

The first one is called "Stonecrop".  It's a sedum and should get tiny purple flowers on it when it blooms.

I think it's very pretty and am hoping it does when for a house plant.

The second plant I picked up is called "Golddust".

I love how it spills over the sides of the urn and it's pretty yellow flowers.

Any new houseplants in your home?

bye now,



  1. No new houseplants, keep it down to 2. But now outside is a different story. Love the space you have on the sill and your choices!

  2. Nothing new, but I agree with plants by the windows i the kitchen. I have a bonsai by my sink area and I might have to give these 2 suggestions of your s a try since I want more! thanks Robin!

  3. love the plants in the window . . . love the cloth you have beneath the pretty urns . . . love plants in a house.

  4. That is so pretty, Robin! I would love to have a nice big windowsill like that!

  5. Very pretty. Your windowsill is so nice and roomy, perfect for your pretty plants. Thanks for sharing. :-)

    Happy Tuesday!


  6. Love it! Thanks for sharing the name of the plant with the little yellow flowers. I planted that last year and couldnt find it this year. Maybe now that I have a name it will be helpful!! I love easy and simple,,,a great display of country loveliness!


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