July 2, 2014

New Wheels

The time has come for this girl to upgrade her vehicle.

After much debate between hubby and I this is what we decided on.

A Ford, 350 Crew Cab.

Cool right?

I am so excited.

However, parking it is not easy.

I can live with that.

Just think of all that space in the back to fill up with vintage goodies and garage sale finds.

Oh, My!  I'm feeling light headed just thinking about it.

Hubby may seriously regret this purchase - - but not me.  

Now please excuse me, I've got to go find some sales!!!!



  1. Hahaha! I don't think your hubs was thinking of your shopping frenzy when he agreed to this cool vehicle!! ;-) Enjoy the 4th dear!

  2. Nice! That is exactly what I thought when I saw the picture..."think of all the cool stuff she can fit in the back!". lol!

  3. My husband thinks a 've bug is safe but I can sure fill it up. Happy junk in......lots of space......yeah.

  4. Congratulations!
    Parking a big truck does take getting use to. It very Worth it when you think of all the treasures you can load up. lol

  5. The hubs & I both have Fords & love them! Congrats!!

  6. Ha! Love your attitude-more room to haul 'good junk'! Congrats on your new purchase :)

  7. My first thought was that it would be great hauling, too! Nice truck!!


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