October 14, 2014

Pressed Leaf Swag

Good Morning!

It is finally feeling and looking like fall.   I'm trying to remember to enjoy it as much as possible.  Yesterday I took a nice long walk and it was wonderful to see all the pretty leaves and front door displays along my route.

The tree in my front yard is gorgeous right now with a mixture of yellow, green and red leaves.  Looking out my front window everything seems to glow a golden color, it's gorgeous.

Inspired by the lovely view outside my window I decided to make a simple leaf swag to hang over my chalkboard in the dinning room.

Oozing simplicity, I think the swag is a pretty way to add some seasonal color to the room.

To make the swag, I gathered a few different types of leaves from my yard and then pressed them overnight inside a heavy book

The next day I simply started layering sprigs of leaves on top of each other and when I thought it looked nice I tied the steams with some vintage lace.

Super Simple.

I think it looks amazing!

Have a great day,


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  1. beautiful, easy, and cheap......the best kind of ornamentation. This certainly is a gorgeous time of year.

  2. Beautifully simple Robin! And that's what I LOVE about it!!!!

  3. Oh yes, simple AND gorgeous! I just adore how you've arranged the leaves on your chalkboard. You're so creative Robin! Now I have to go outside and get some leaves....

  4. What a sweet little idea. I love that! Wish we had some colorful trees here.

  5. It DOES look amazing, Robin! I need to go out and gather some leaves!

  6. Love that it feels very fall simplistically.

    Great creative idea.


  7. Definitely RED. to always makes me smile!


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