November 25, 2014

Homemade Silver Napkin Rings

Good Morning!

Yesterday I showed you how I plan to set my table for our Thanksgiving meal and today I thought I'd share how I crafted some cheap and quick napkin rings from old spoons.

Although they are not really "rings" per say, they are made to hold napkins and I think they turned out sort of cute.

With the help of a scrap piece of wood, a hammer and a old washcloth I hammered the rounded part of the spoon until it was flat.

Like this!

Then it was time to bend the handle.

To do this, I held the spoon down on my work-space with one hand and with the other hand bent the handle up towards the ceiling.

Like this!

I then gently continued to bend the handle up and over until it almost touched my work space. . . 
Like this...

To use, I simply folded my napkin into thirds and slipped the spoon onto the napkin.

For name tags, I tucked a little piece of card stock under the handle also.

I think the whole look is very fun!

Bye now,


  1. What a great idea! and super easy to do. Simple, but makes a nice statement!

  2. How gorgeous Robin! I love this idea but I would end up hammering my thumb somehow. Your little place card is adorable, too. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy that Xmas decorating once it's over! I know I will. :)

  3. So pretty and clever! I love your Thanksgiving table - so beautiful. Wishing you a lovely holiday. xo Karen

  4. Your napkins rings are so pretty! I would have thought you needed special tools to make them. 'm surprised you just need a hammer. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for some cute vintage spoons!

  5. This is such a great idea, Robin! And you can use them all year! Great gift idea, too!


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