February 20, 2015

Fun Finds

Morning All!

It's once again Fun Finds Friday.

I have some very fun stuff to share today.

First off is this red and white license plate - isn't it amazing!  I was so happy to have found it at a local antique shop.

You may remember these next two items from my post earlier in the week...

This black metal box had me giddy with excitement.  I love metal boxes.

And I adore scotty dogs so when I spied this chippy beauty I of course snatched it up!

In keeping with the black theme I've got going on, I found this gorgeous embroidery framed at my local thrift store.  I think it's gorgeous!

Love these little metal letters that I found at a local shop.

Not sure where they will end up but for right now I have them on a pretty platter in the dinning room.

And finally, two new vintage valentine cards to add to my collection.

Aren't they adorable!

How about you?

Any great finds that you simply adore?



  1. Hey Robin, I always enjoy checking out your fun finds! The scotty dog and chippy letters are my favs- great patina. Happy Friday!
    xo Sally

  2. Great finds! (as always) I love the license plate! Very cool! One time I picked up some license plates at a flea market hoping to make a valence for my sons room with them. When I got them home I realized they wreaked of B.O. I tried so may different ways to clean/deodorize them and finally had to throw them out! It was like a big smelly man had carried them under his arm pits for ten years...bad!

  3. Love your finds, Robin! The license plate is a beauty! It was SO FUN meeting up yesterday! We'll have to do it again SOON! xo

  4. Love the license plate! Where do you find the vintage Valentines, thrift store or antique shop? I recently ordered 7 from eBay for $4 and was thrilled with my purchase!

  5. Lovely finds! My latest catch is an old orange typewriter. And it still works :)

  6. Great finds! Aren't those vintage cards the greatest!!??!!
    I haven't been able to get out and about for some finds .... one snow storm after the next .... and another one coming tomorrow :-/
    enjoy the weekend ... diane @ thoughts & shots


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