March 27, 2015

Fun Finds

Morning Everyone!

Wow!  Not sure where the last week went but now that it's Friday I guess it's time to show off my finds of the week.

First off is this sweet little silver sugar bowl.
Love it's curved handles and trophy like  look.

Also found this "R" cut from a book a couple weeks ago while out shopping with some friends . . .

Hi Deb!
Hi Linda!

I'm sure to find lots of places to use both around the house.

And last but not least is this trio of pretty blue and white bowls.  
They are sure to come in handy once I switch my decor over to spring like items.  I tend to like to use a heave dose of pale blue and these will fit in perfectly.

Hope you all had some luck this past week hunting for treasures,

bye now,



  1. Swooning over those bowls! Nice score. =)


  2. Hi Robin! Love how your "R" looks with your silver bowl! And the lovely blue and white bowls, too! We need another girls day out!

  3. The R book is just great! Written for you :)

  4. Sweet bowls! They would go in my kitchen :) I remember you buying the R !

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