April 1, 2015

Little Lamb

With Easter Sunday right around the corner I thought it was time to dig out my collection of porcelain lambs.

Typically in the past I have not been one to decorate for Easter since the family and I always seem to be at Grandma and Grandpa's house for the occasion.  Instead I concentrate more on freshening the house and my decor to make the house seem more bright and cheerful.

One way or another, these sweet little ladies make an appearance somewhere around the house each spring.

This year I've tucked them in around my decor on my hutch that I am currently switching out for spring.

Not your typical Easter time decor of bunnies and eggs yet somehow it's very Easter and Springtime like to me.  Plus they just make me happy.

The newest addition to my collection is this pretty lady right here.

I think her pink, rosy cheeks and pretty pale blue flower is so adorable.

I haven't figured out what to add to her planter yet but I'm sure an idea will pop into my head soon enough.

How about you?

Any out of the ordinary Easter time decor in your home?

bye now,


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  1. Those are adorable! My mom still has the lamb that arrived, stuffed with pink flowers, when I was born 39 years ago. I wonder if she pulls it out for Easter?? I'll have to check this weekend.
    Bronwyn www.queenbcreativeme.blogspot.com

  2. Adorable indeed! Or CUTE as my 11 yr old daughter says :) my house is filled with fresh flowers mainly and A few lost chicks and easter Bunnies, haha

  3. This is the sweetest collection, Robin! It just makes me smile! Have a wonderful Easter!

  4. Lambs are very Easter...Jesus is the Lamb of God....plus they are so sweet!
    Happy Easter.

  5. Robin,
    These are really sweet. Happy Easter.

  6. So adorable, Robin! Just the perk we all need to feel like spring is here. I haven't decorated much for Easter, but definitely plan to get flowers. :)

  7. Awww, your little lambs are so sweet! The first present I bought my very first granddaughter was a stuffed lamb that played "Jesus Loves Me". I also sent her mother a flower arrangement in a porcelain lamb and to this day 15 years later both are still in her room. Safe to say we are lamb lovers too!


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