June 23, 2015

Camper Tour

The family and I are back from our first camping outing of the season!

Man, Oh Man did we have a great time.

Camping trips always . .. Always fly by so fast.

Seems like you blink and it's time to pack up already.

Here's a photo highlight of just a few of the things we did . . . 

Before we left on our trip I promised a tour of the new rig so here goes.

The rig itself is a 43 foot long, 5th Wheel Toyhauler called a Cyclone by Heartland.

If your not familiar with a Toyhauler it has a camper in the front and a garage in the back for ATV's. In the photo below the last two windows on the back is the garage area.  We are able to fit three full sized ATV's in the there.

Here is a look at what the front of the camper looks like with all the bump-outs and awnings up.
We're on the right, and my sisters camper is on the left so we had a nice little area all to ourselves.

Here's another look at the main entrance area of the camper.

(crazy man on the roof was trying to get a better cell signal - didn't work but worth a shot right?)

Before I show you the inside let me just say I forgot my good camera so these cellphone photos will have to do.

Just inside the main door if you turn to the right this is the view of the area leading to the main bath and master bedroom.

The first view of the master bedroom from the doorway . . .

The bed itself is a bump-out to give us space to walk around the bed.
(Can you guess from the pillows which side is mine?)

Along the whole back wall of the bedroom is a row of closets which I think is awesome.

The room also has a nice built in dresser and a wonderful counter-top space for us to fill up with all our stuff!

From the bedroom their is a pocket door that leads into the main bathroom
(their is also a door in the main hallway to access this room)

The bathroom has a full sized shower and lots of floor space with is in fact bigger than our master bath at home.

A nice sink, counter and storage space too!
(this is the view from the hallway doorway)

And then here you can see the pocket door open and the bedroom beyond.

Moving on the next part of the camper, if you were to look to the left right inside the front door you would see the kitchen.
(sorry for the mess)

The whole kitchen area along the wall is a bump-out which gives me that little space behind the island to work in.

The island is nice and long and has two stools to pull up to it.  
Also the sink is very handy to have here.

Here's a better view of range with oven below it that you can't see, microwave and fridge.  Isn't the back splash pretty.  It's hard to tell in this photo but it's different textures of stainless steel and it's gorgeous.

Opposite the kitchen is another and largest bump-out of the camper which makes up the living room space.

Hubby loves the large TV and the fireplace 
(notice the Xbox sitting on the stool? It's total man cave in here)

The big windows let in lots of light and four sections of the sofa are also recliners which I love.  The weird looking holes in the floor are for table legs that you can place in-front of the sofa when your in need of a table.

At the end of the living room space right before you head out the garage area their is a ladder that leads up to a sleeping loft.  It has two twin sized beds and cute little curtains the kids can pull around their bed when they want alone time.

There's another view with the ladder pulled out.

The last area of the camper is accessible through sliding glass doors which leads out the the garage area.  
The back wall (with the plastic looking windows over it) can be opened up from outside and used as a ramp to drive the ATV's inside.

The plastic you see is actually covering screened doors that open up onto a deck area made by the ramp when it's not in use - - like a porch.

Anyways, in the garage area there are two benches that fold out to make a bed and then another queen sized bunk.  The floor has make table leg holes to hold a table which is where we eat on rainy days.  Most day's this area is the kids zone and looks a complete mess but that's ok, it's one of the reasons we decided on this camper - - I can shut the door and not worry about it.

Both the bench and the bunk are attached to the wall on electric lifts so when it's time to bring in the ATV's they both can be raised up to the ceiling out of the way.  There is also a second door in this space which is very handy.

And last but not least, the garage area has a tiny little bathroom for the kids to use.

So there you have it, our new home away from home!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Bye now,



  1. Now that's camping!!!!! That's exactly how I would camp If I still did. The days of sleeping in tents is loooooooonnnnnggggg over for me!

  2. Wow! What a place! It's quite different that OUR 14 footer that sleeps five - and that's all! Just beds and storage. Yours is like a place on wheels. I can see why you like to spend so much time in it! Here's to many more camping trips in 2015!!


  3. this is amazing, Robin! Your rig is fabulous. We just got a small pickup camper and had our first trip last weekend. looks like you all had a great time!

  4. How nice! I am glad you gave us the tour. I love seeing the inside of these rigs. It seems they keep making them nicer all the time and yours is fantastic. Your family will make so many memories while enjoying your camping trips.

  5. Wow! It's really nice! I've been in campers & RV's before but never a toy hauler. I didn't realize they had campers in them too.

  6. How nice! That's my kind of camping!!! Really a beautiful space!? Enjoy!

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