July 9, 2015

Fun Finds: Flea Market Edition

The families annual camping trip to Hayward, Wisconsin is always a good time and I've already talked about the fun we've had but for me the one of the best activities is visiting the local flea market on Monday morning.

I look forward to it all year, 

I make lists, 

I dream about wonderful finds . . . 

It's all so wonderful I can hardly stand it.

This years trip was no exception, even without a list **gasp**, I found a whole bunch of stuff that makes me happy.

This first find was found at the second table I stopped at and I knew right away that my flea market luck was going to hold for another year.

I can't get over the cuteness!
They remind me so much of the vintage deer pasted down to me by my grandma that I use every year at Christmas time.
I'll be using this sweet pair somewhere in my family room.

This next find surprised me a bit, but as soon as I saw it I knew it had to come home with me.

Didn't know I was looking for a $3 vintage radio in working condition.
But I sure do love it.
I have it sitting on my kitchen windowsill to make dinner prep and cleanup a little more fun as I sing along to my favorite country music songs.

Scored this glass pitcher with red strips to use in the kitchen and help out with the red and white theme I've got going on there.

Plus red handled kitchen tools could not be passed up.

My daughter love to use the mixer as often as possible.

My small collection of dog figurines received a little boost with I found these two sweet little guys.

The journal from 1946 is in excellent condition.  I loved it's red leather cover and multiple pages of interesting information about the year.  You know things like postage rates, principal cities, tide tables and such.  Even has a little page towards the front to write down your hat, glove, collar, hosiery and shoe size - - how convenient!

Ironstone should never, ever be passed up if found at a good price so I picked out this medium sized pitcher and a dish to go with it.

Found some glass jars to use in my studio - love the metal lids.

I thought this footed, covered dish as very pretty with it's silver band around the top.

And last but not least, a monogrammed covered dish in gold and white.  The "M" must stand for Mom of course!

So there you go, my fabulous finds from the flea market.

It was a good day!

Bye now,



  1. Wow...you did GOOD!!!!!
    I'm in love with your 1946 book....first of all, it's RED!!!!! and it's also my year!! How fun to see it!
    Ironstone is also a must at our house. I had to pass up a stack of plates the other day, and it almost broke my heart! I spent the rest of the day trying to find someone who "needed" them :^) since I am completely out of space :^(
    Have a good weekend and blessings to you,

  2. I just did some shopping yesterday too! Love those cute reindeers!

  3. OH what a fun day...I love all of your goodies, but the deer have stolen my heart!

  4. Wow Robin great finds. Love those reindeer. Love that vintage radio too. Great score.


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