September 24, 2015

Project Challenge #9: Rust

Good Morning!

I recently had the opportunity to join a group of fantastic bloggers for a Project Challenge and I'm excited to share my first project with you today.

This months Project Challenge Theme was Rust!

Thinking that my hutch could use new artwork to ring the in fall season, I decided to mimic the look of rust as best as I could to create a new to display.

This is what I've come up with. . . 

Unfortunately the rusty look is not showing as much on camera as it does in real life - - grrr!

But here you can see in the close up both the tree and the letters do a pretty good job of mimicking the look I think. 

Supplies Needed:

12X12 canvas
thin cardboard (cereal box)
wood letters
Xacto knife
paint brush
mixture of paint colors
Elmer's glue
Book pages
Hot Glue Gun

To start the project, I found a tree shape that I like in Google Images and transferred it to a piece of cardboard I cut from a box of cereal.  Then using an Xacto knife I cut out the design.

Next came paint, I used a mixture of a dark brown, light brown, dark green and a light grey.  Starting with the darkest color, I used a small paint brush to stipple on a light coat of the paint in a random pattern one color at a time.  I continued adding colors until I had the look I wanted.

I followed the same method to give each wood letter a rusty look.

For the background I ripped some old pages from a book and glued them onto canvas and then painted the edges black to give it a finished look.

Once the paint and glue on the canvas was dried completely I simple added my rusty pieces by gluing them on with a hot glue.

Super Simple!

I think the finished project looks fantastic on my white hutch and has me itch'in to get more of my house decorated for fall.

Now it's time for you to go check out all the other wonderful projects from this challenge, and make sure you say "Hi" when your there.


  1. That turned out wonderfully, Robin! It does look rusty! Fun project!

  2. Great tutorial for a great sign!
    I love this, the unexpected as well as the versatility of the project. Its beautiful.

  3. Hi Robin, I am honored to be working on these challenges each month you all of you amazing lady bloggers!!!! I love the combination of the rust and the book page paper. What a perfect theme for fall!!!! XOXOXO Christine from Little Brags

  4. YAY!! I love that you used cardboard and wood and they look like rusted metal. Who would have known?! This project is perfect because it has two things I absolutely love-book pages and rust. Great job! I'm so glad you have joined us!!

  5. I LOVE this! looks just like rusty metal! And I love that tree shape for fall :) Glad to have you in the group!

  6. Oh Robin I just love, love, love this! It really looks like the tree and letters were cut from metal! Wonderful job!

  7. Great job on reproducing a rust finish. It sure looks like the real deal! It's perfect for fall and am now curious to see the rest of the room once you have it decorated for Fall. ;o)

  8. I thought those were rusty tin letters from the picture. I love the design of the tree.

  9. Very cute! I too thought they were tin letters. Such a fun challenge! I jumped over from Lil Braggs.

  10. Wow! That looks just super, Robin, I would love to make one of those some day, thank you for sharing how you did it.


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