December 10, 2015

Holiday Home Tour Part Three: Master Bedroom and Family Room

Good Morning!

Today is day three of my Holiday Home Tour,

I've already tackled the Entry and Kitchen on Day One and the Living and Dining Room on Day Two.

Today lets head off to the Master Bedroom and then also take a look around the Family Room.


Master Bedroom

In the bedroom I again went with a red and white theme with pops of silver here and there.  I love using red all over the house of course but it always seem so well suited for the bedroom.

Shelby Girl approves!

Family Room

The Family Room is the space that I have the most fun with.  It's decorated mostly for the kids with lots of colored lights and Santa figures but it's also the space that I like to use all the thrift store items I find.  You know those vintage type decorations that are slightly or over the top tacky and most would pass up - - I can't get the in my cart fast enough!

This is the second or maybe third year I've been decorating the Family Room this way and I am slowly building up my collection of decorations for what I like to call my "Tacky Christmas"


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  1. Your home is absolutely lovely with your Christmas decor. You have the perfect mix of beautiful and warm/inviting. Your family room is delightful - you have displyed your collections with perfection. My other favorites are the silver tree atop the vintage tablecloth in the dining room and the toy deer in kitchen window! Love it all! The treasures you are able to find and your eye for arranging them is so cool.

  2. I love it all, Robin! So many great personal touches...and I love all of the "tacky Christmas" goodies! Whimsical fun!

  3. Everything is so pretty! I love your red and white quilt! Thanks for visiting me. Sheila


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