January 15, 2016

Fun Finds

With how crazy busy the past month has been my thrift store shopping time has been seriously diminished.

But never fear - - I managed to work in one trip early last week and found some fun stuff.

First up, this adorable bunny. . . I think he's cute . . . the rest of the family is shaking their head in shame over my blow-mold obsession.

I on the other hand, I am tickled by the find.  

She's become a bit of a joke around here since the day I brought her home everyone and I mean EVERYONE was giving me such a hard time.

So being the nice mom that I am, I starting stashing her away in weird spots around the house, like in the shower, tucked into someone's bed with just the ears poking out, inside the pantry cupboard, on a stool next to the kitchen sink - - you know, stuff like that.

The family, grudgingly, has now accepted her!

Then I found this wall hanging!

It's really big and heavy and I can't wait to give it a makeover.
I think it will look really nice centered over a couple of prints on the wall.

I couldn't pass up this tiny gold mirror, which I will give a face-lift and these black and gold candlesticks which I thought were pretty and will be a great addition to my black and white themed living room that I like to use during the winter months.

White, ironstone soup tureens are always on my "must have list".

You can bet that I was thrilled with this find.

Right now I have it sitting on my kitchen windowsill so I can enjoy it's beauty while I'm washing dishes.

And last but not least, I found this lone salt/pepper shaker that I thought was adorable and the perfect filler for a shelf in the kitchen.

Just look at that face - - so sweet!

There you have it!

How about you, any great finds of your own?



  1. Wonderful finds, Robin...especially the tureen! I love how you are hiding the bunny around the house...so funny! I haven't been doing a lot of thriting lately with the cold weather, but I did find a beautiful old basket and a painting. Stay warm this weekend!

  2. Love it all but that tureen is super special and super pretty!

  3. I love the playfulness of the bunny. When I was undergoing radiation the nurses had a huge stuffed bunny that sat at the desk when the receptionist had the day off. Sometimes 'Miss Bunny' would be on the phone, once in a while I'd re position her, fun. I, too, love the soup tureen. I just posted this morning about an unusual living room set I found at the thrift store, thankfully it did not come home with me tho!

  4. I haven't been thrifting in forever. You did good!! Love your pretty tureen and mirror. xo

  5. What great finds! I love everything, but I have to admit that the cow really got to me.


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