March 29, 2016

Easy To Make Coat Hooks

Good Morning!

If you have kids you know how disorganized things can get in a hurry!

In an attempt to make cleaning up after themselves easier I put together a quick and easy coat hooks rack to add to the small space behind their bedroom door.

Nothing overly fancy, just a spot to hang a few items to keep them up off the floor and within reach.

A few basic supplies, all leftover from other projects, and a half hour of my time was all that was needed to make this handy project.

If your interested, I have put together a video tutorial to walk you through the steps of making your own coat hooks, just in case your in need of one.

Turned out great, the the kiddos approve - I'd call that a win - win!

Bye Now,



  1. Did you mske your Mickey and Minnie sign? So cute. Love the coat hooks.


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