December 11, 2016

Stocking Stuffer Idea's for Teenager's

Good Morning!

With three, beautiful girls in my life ranging from pre-teen to a Junior in High School I have been struggling with finding age appropriate items for their Christmas Stockings.

This process seemed so much easier when they were younger . . . but fortunately I have found some winners I think.

So in case your like me and struggling a bit with this whole stocking stuffer task I've put together a short video highlighting a few items that I think work well.

It's not just for girls either, I have a round-up of gender neutral ideas, some idea's for the gentlemen teenagers as well as a healthy dose of items for the ladies.


I hope your all having a fabulous day . . . we're getting a bunch of snow here . . . Yipppeee!

Talk to you soon,


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  1. Hey Robin, these are good ideas. Stocking stuffers are definitely fun and a great way to sample little treats. From your decor video, I think the sled that Zoey made looks so good. That will be a good keepsake to use for many years. How you put it on the porch with the greenery,etc. looks so good. The greenery that you put inside looks good, too. I really like how it looks. Your Baked Ziti Casserole looks so good that I bought the ingredients to make it this week. Finally, the tree skirt is perfect. I just finished making two pillow covers out of the same type of fabric, in white, too. I wanted to make them for my winter decor and I like how they look. You're right...that stuff gets everywhere. I had to vacuum to get it all up. Do you know how much cloth you used to make the tree skirt? I might have missed it if you said. Thanks for the good tutorial.


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