January 13, 2017

Mini Bathroom Makeover

Hi Everyone!

I recently purchased a new shower curtain for my bathroom and it's prompted a mini makeover.

Simply changing out a few accessories has given the room a whole new look.

Here's the lovely new shower curtain that prompted it all.

I picked it up at Target and love it so much!

Black, silver and glass accents give the shelf area a fresh new look!

Loving the changes!

If your interested, I've put together a short video tour of the room for you to check out also.

Have yourself a lovely day and I will talk to you again soon,



  1. The shower curtain gives the room a whole new look...very pretty, Robin!

  2. So pretty and bright Robin. Love your new shower curtain.

  3. It looks very nice. I love the shower curtain and especially how the chalk board behind the mirror on the shelf really sets it off and also ties into the shower curtain.

  4. Hi Robin, I love what you did. It's so clean and bright looking. I just added a black and white shower curtain with some light pink decor and I am just loving the change.
    xx Jo

  5. So uncluttered and clean. Very nice.

  6. I have that exact shower curtain in my son's bathroom! I love it too. It's a great farmhouse style fabric isn't it? Your bathroom looks great.


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