January 9, 2017

Round Two - Here we go again.

Another Week . . . Another Vlog!


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  1. Hi Robin. Poor Carrie. That is so disappointing. Oh well, I'm sure the surgery will "take" this time and work out better for her. When I watch your vlogs, I find myself wanting to talk and reply to you right then. When it ends, I forget half of the things I wanted to say. Your vlogs are so fun to watch. I've commented before that we spend our days in much the same way...scheduling our time, keeping to a routine (mostly), etc. I love new planners, too. Happy Birthday and hope you thought your cake tasted delicious. I freeze any extra, too. It keeps beautifully. Love your beautiful new red Kitchen Aid. The color is gorgeous. Hope JJ is liking his new coffeemaker...so cool with the 1-cup feature. Have a good week. Belynda from Kentucky (my comments still show my old blog name)


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