February 6, 2009


I'm at a stand still with J's room project. Have to wait until hubby can help me cut the shelves for over the dresser. So I am calling the room done and can move on to something else. Yipee!
Here are some pictures showing the finally project. J picked out the shelf brackets, horse pictures, and hooks. I think she is very happy with them. Enjoy.

It still seem cluttered to me and not as cutesy as I would have like to make it. But that is not J. This is more her style. It is organized at the moment and that makes me happy. I have to say I had a hard time painting the walls. The color is so dark, it made me cringe constantly. But it is bold and pretty so that helps.
Looking at the pictures I feel that the dresser would look great with a coat of white paint. Hmmm, next project perhaps?


  1. I love the color on the wall! :) Reminds me of the ocean!


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