February 8, 2009

Spring Is Teasing Me

The past three days have been warm enough to melt half the snow and ice around our town.
A high of 34 degrees today, and possible 43 degrees tomorrow. This heat wave is making me think spring. Glorious spring! Thinking about it has made me pull out all my garden books, magazines and idea book. I have poured over every page marveling over how green everything is. Wishing I could go pull on my garden gloves, grab my shovel and start digging. Sigh!
But I sternly tell my self "it's only February" I have to wait at least a month and a half before any digging can happen. So I turn to this cute little ray of sunshine sitting in my kitchen. My green thumb is somewhat content, my urge to dig is calmed and it makes me smile.
Hurry Spring, if I have to wait much longer I may have to have hubby hid my gloves and shovel.

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