March 30, 2009

Master Bedroom Spring Fluffing

Spent an enjoyable weekend with the hubby. Did a little movie watching, a little shopping and a little checking up with family.

I have mentioned before that I had been fluffing the master bedroom for spring/summer and today is the day to show it off. I am really happy with how it turned out. I would be thrilled if I had beadboard wall, but that will come in time!
Here is how it started. Lots of red and white for my winter bedroom.
And this is what it looks like now. Green and white with a splash of blue here and there. I love the look. Sorry it is really hard to get a good picture in here, not a lot of room. New artwork on the walls above the bed and newly sewn pillow covers on the bed.
Changed the curtains to this wonderful flower print with all the right colors in it. Added the cute plates above the window. Added some pretty things to both bedside tables. What a difference that made. (don't you just love the ugly gray bed controls - - there so chic!Ha!)
Hung this ironwork in the perfect shade of green over the door leading into the hallway.
I think this I have shown before, but I added a few new things to the top of the cabinet and the dresser.
Added these handy hooks to the side to the dresser. I think this is my favorite improvement in the room. I no longer have to look at my ugly "necessities" sitting on my dresser.
That's it! It looks a little more lived in and I didn't spend more than fifty bucks to spruce it up a bit.
P.S. Hubby gave me the ok to paint the dressers. I'm thinking a distressed white would look cool. But I am not sure. Soon I will be adding some beadboard to the walls and that will get painted white. So what color would you paint the dresser, your suggestions would be VERY helpful! Thanks


  1. I agree with you, distressed white that way it will go with everything! Love all the touches of green, but it looked great with all the red too!

  2. Very nice Robin! What a change. First time reading this I thought they were two different rooms.

    My suggestion would be also go with the white to match this room. It will tie in the mirror cabinet above it. That also looks so in place with all the stuff on and around it.

    I've really taken a liking to matte black furniture, but unless you did the other things like the bedstand tables it probably would go in here.

    And lastly, I really like the idea of a few long pillows as bed dressing. Did you make the pillows as pillow covers that are removable?

    I always slack when it comes to my own bedroom. I need to dress this place up too. Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Thanks for your sweet comments!

    I think you are right, white is the way to go for the dresser.

    To answer your question. The large green pillow on the bed is just one of those large body pillows that I make covers for. The smaller pillow is one I made since I couldn't find the size I wanted. I made it out of simple white fabric and stuffed it with pollyfill. Then I made a cover for it so that I can easily wash it.

    Thanks again for your comments. I love comments.

  4. I love the green with white. Your room looks so inviting. Great job. Have a beautiful day.

  5. This is so fresh and pretty - you did a great job! Green is my favorite color, so I love all of it. I also think white is a good choice for the dresser. :)

  6. I love beadboard, too.

    I really adore the monogrammed pillow.


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