March 12, 2009

My Favorite Childhood Book

Before I tell you the name of the book I should give you a little background. I first discovered this series of books when I was in Jr. High and I fell in love with them. There isn't one single reason why I loved them, I guess it was just the mood of the book. I wanted to live in that town, in that place in time, I wanted to be her best friend so I could experience what she was feeling and doing. I loved the books setting, the time period, the simple things they did that made me want to BE THERE. All that being said, the books are easy reading and geared toward the youth. Throughout Jr. High and High School I read and re-read them countless times.

This series includes ten books but my favorite by far was this one, Heaven to Betsy.
The author is Maud Hart Lovelace and the copyright is 1945. Throughout High School the three books that I read over and over again were of course Heaven to Betsy but also Betsy in Spite of Herself and Betsy was a Junior.
I have only these three books and have never read the books that follow Betsy was a Junior. Yesterday I went ahead and ordered a couple and am looking forward to re-reading these three and enjoying the next three books when they arrive. I am so excited.
Don't you just love the illustrations!

I guess that is it for memory lane, thanks for bearing with me. Have a great Thursday.

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  1. They look like sweet books, I use to read all the time and now I never do. Well other then everyone's blogs, LOL


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