March 11, 2009

Springs on the Way, Right?

Here in Minnesota spring seems very far away. Yesterday it became very cold again and snowy. It seems we have a few more days before it will warm up to maybe 40 degrees.
Although its cold and snowy outside, inside it is beginning to feel like spring. Nothing says spring to me more than birds and birdhouses. I have been digging out my bird stuff and shopping for and crafting birdhouses. Look at what I have found and made.

This beauty I found at Home Goods last weekend when I went with my mom.
I love the color and the detail on this little treasure.
I painted all four of these cute little birdhouse in wonderful spring like colors to place on my display shelf in my dinning area. Now that they are complete I'm not sure what to do with them (seems to be a problem of mine)
For now they are places on a shelf in my hutch. Not sure if I like them here, but for now I think it will work. They most likely will get moved around a bit.

I am beginning to fear that my decor is moving more and more into fluffy and cute. This is not my normal style. These cute little birdhouse and birds are just speaking to me lately. Have I gone to far? What do you think.


  1. I think the birdhouses are adorable! Love the spring colors you used. Cute and fluffy decor is just fine...especially when it's spring decor. Our weather down here has been in the low 80's but tomorrow we're getting a cold front and our high will be in the mid 50's. I'm dreading it!

  2. I agree with Kristen they are cute and the colors are great! I feel the same way, will spring ever get here???


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