March 1, 2009

A Simple Sign

Last weekend my mom, sister and I did a little shopping. One of the stores we stopped at was Home Goods, which I very rarely shop at. It was great fun. I was mostly just looking for ideas not intending to buy anything. Then I saw this.I couldn't pass it up, it's perfect! So I snatched it up, and I have no buyers remorse at all.
It was a little too long for my hutch so I had to come up with another place to put it. For now I have it hung above my front door. I love the way it looks against the yellow and white but it seems a little small to me. I figure it works for now until I find the perfect place.
By the way, have you used these?
I think they are absolutely brilliant. I hung my new sign with them, a bulletin board, and most of the frames in the house. You have to be careful with frames though. You need to have an area on the back that is flat and wide enough to place the tabs on. Definitely worth a try if you never have used them before. I love the fact that I can stick both parts of the tabs directly on the frame, eyeball where I want it, stick it too the wall and I'm done. No measuring, no trying to get the tiny nail on a tiny hook with my face smashed up to the wall to get a good look. Brilliant I tell you!

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  1. Cute sign. But they left off the last "S." We always say - K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple, Stupid. Not nice, but great philosophy.

    ps. Thanks for the comment on the crochet balls. They were a great late night tv watching project. Each one took about 2 to 2 and a half hours from start to finish. That's why I made two sets at one time!

    Now I've been attempting to make skirts from holey jeans . . . not sure!!! Post coming soon! : )


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