February 27, 2009

Getting Crafty

For some time now I have been wanting to try to make a monogram plaque like the ones I seem to see everywhere lately around blogland. I was happy to find out it was a easy as everyone said.

I started with this.

And ended up with this. I am so happy with it.

I also tried my hand at a picture frame. This is how it started.
And the finished product. It turned out well also, I just love the paper.
I am so happy that I decided to try these projects. Love the way they turned out and can't wait to make more. Jaz wants one for her room (she actually thought it was for her at first, but I fixed that thought right away - told her it was going in the kids free zone)

Have a great weekend.


  1. Love them!

    Any tips on how you actually did it? You follow someone else's tut? Love to hear more.

    Thanks for sharing your projects. They look great!

  2. Very Cute, I also love the monograms. I might have to try that. I also think that the frame is great, I love the paper too.

  3. I didn't really follow any tutorials, but I have a quite a few in the past. Basically just followed the directions on the back of the Mod Podge bottle for what I wanted to do.

    So happy you like them.


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