April 23, 2009

Doggie Bed Makeover

Here in Minnesota two and half weeks from now planting time starts and it's crunch time inside my home. All the things I have put off over the winter I now have a desperate need to see completed. This weeks to-do list is an incredible page and a half long. I'm so busy I have barley read any blogs this week and feel so out of touch. The good news however is that items are steadily being checked off the list and that FEELS SO GOOD!

One of yesterday's project was to make over the dog's pillow that sits in our living room. The pillow has moved around the house and finally come to rest under a old sewing table I have placed in an awkward corner. The placement is great since I am no longer tripping over the pillow and Zeb seems to feel safe and comfy. The problem has been that the old pillow case(leftover from my college days) is worn and a little dingy looking not to mention it doesn't fit my color scheme at all. So I set about to change that.

Here is a close up of the before.

A quick little envelope style slipcover and the spot looks much more tailored to the room. This was a super quick project that took less than a half hour. I was supper sneaky by using the salvage edges on my flaps so there was no hem pressing and sewing to do.

One more item crossed off my list. I'm not quite sure but I think Zeb approves! Yeah Me!


  1. You and your red and yellows! It all just comes together. That doggie bed looks like it's meant to be there. Good job, Robin.

  2. Hey check out my blog...I nominated you for an award


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