April 24, 2009

I'm Smiling With Delight

Christina from Signs of Obsessions has been kind enought to send me the Attitude of Gratitude Award. What an amazingly sweet thing for her to do. I am so EXCITED ABOUT IT. She is an amazing woman and she has a wonderful gift for making amazing signs, please go check out her blog and get to know her.

The Rules of Accepting and Sharing this Award
1. Put the logo on your blog or post
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs that show an attitude of gratitude
3. Link to your nominees within your post
4. Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received this award
5. Share the love and link to this post and the person who nominated you for the award.Tell us how you've come to have an attitude gratitude.

When starting this blog in January I had no idea what a difference it would make in my life. I had intended it to become a place to record the small things I do around my home to make it cozy for my family. A online journal of sorts.

I was surprised to realize how inspirational and motivating my blog has become to me. Suddenly I am part of a community of like minded people. Meeting amazing people and being inspired to do more. A day doesn't go by that I am not encourage or motivated to try something new.

So in the spirit of encouragement and inspirations I would like to nominate the following blogs who have enriched my life.

Noon to Two

Cottage Lifestyle

Walnuthaven Cottage

Vermont Cottage

Flowerpatch Farmgirl

Comforts of Home

Best Dressed Nest

Mouse Tales

Home Sweet Home Inspiration

Go check them out and once again thanks to Christina at Signs of Obsessions for passing this award to me. Enjoy your day. Robin


  1. Thank you, sweet blog friend! You just made my day. :) And I couldn't agree more with your blog philosophy - mine has been such a blessing to me! Have a fantastic weekend.

  2. I thank you too, Robin! Your post says MY thoughts exactly.


  3. Oh, one question . . . How do I post links to other people's blogs?!?!


  4. Robin,
    Thank you so much for the award! Now if I can just figure out how to do this....

    Loved your dog bed post, by the way. That is just darling!



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