April 29, 2009

Thrifting Finds

My spray painting has been put on hold due to rain so instead I thought I would show you some goodies I found this weekend at the thrift store.

I almost didn't stop in since I didn't think I had a lot of time to spend. Boy am I glad I went, I kept finding things left and right. It was a good day.

Here are a few of the things I found. A red tin that will look great with a little chalkboard paint on the front. A square bowl and two white plates with interesting edging.

This is going to be painted since it is so scratched up but it is really heavy and nice. Hmm, what color do you think, red or white.

This little cheese holder thingy(not sure of its official name) is going to get a makeover also. I plan to paint the wood part then use the whole thing to hold a few treasures.

When I spotted this beauty I tried to act R E A L casual like, but inside I was doing two types of happy dances at the same time. I love enamelware - - old, new it doesn't matter - I love it all. This is by far the best find of the day. I can't believe it was still in the store. Its nicked up and scratched to perfection. I plan to use it as a planter on my screen porch. Can't wait to fill it with beautiful flowers. I just know I will smile everything I look at it.

I made a few more purchases also but plan to hold off showing you until I have made them over.
Hope your day is going great, see you tomorrow. Robin


  1. So cool! Love your finds. I love enamelware, too. I'm going thrifting this Saturday and I can't wait! Then my daughter and I are going some day in May. She loves finding good deals, too.


  2. I have a thing for enamelware too, Robin! I have a big washbasin under each sink to hold essentials beautifully. They always make me smile :).


  3. The tray would look great red!


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