April 30, 2009

Painted Signs

Christina over at Signs of Obsessions (can't get the link to work today, the one under my blog list works though) has the most amazing signs, it has inspired me to try my hand at it.

My first attempt was this little cutie.
I fell in love with the one Christina's had shown on her blog and had to have one of my own.

Next, I have always wanted a "Garden" sign, this is what I was able to do.

Here it is on my shelf in the living room.
And finally, I wanted to make one for my daughter. Jaz loves horses and I am always on the look out for ideas for her room. Last summer inspiration hit while on our yearly trip to Hayward, WI. It seemed everywhere you look there are arrow signs for different attractions. I thought it would be fun to reproduce one that says Riding Stable. This is how it turned out. Cute I think.

I am very pleased with my results, although they are nowhere near Christina's caliber, she has the sign painting touch. If you haven't checked out her blog, go right now. You will be inspired.

Have a great day. Robin


  1. I think you did a great job with the signs! The garden one is cute displayed in the living room.


  2. Love the signs! I'm making one for my mother for her birthday. I hope she doesn't read this!

    She use to have a home near the St. Lawrence River (NY) and loved her little sign that said, "Let us gather around the river." She just bought a new home in a townhouse on a golf course. I want to make the sign, "Let us gather at hole 13." Ironically, 13 is her favorite number.

    Thanks for some inspiration. Hope I can do as well.


  3. Hey, thanks for the compliments! Your signs turned out awesome!!!! I LOVE the riding stable with the arrow, how cute! My niece is into horses as well, may have to borrow that idea.

  4. You did a great job! I just commented to her about making one for me. She is talented and so are you!


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