May 8, 2009

A Family Evening At Home

The family and I had a lovely evening last night. The kids played and rode their bikes around while I puttered around the front yard moving plants and dreaming about flower combos. Hubby brought out his new "toy", a electric truck and drove it around while the girls set up jumps for it. We giggled, and joked, and played together. It all seems so ordinary but somehow last night it was almost magical. It seemed more than it was, memories where made and we all went to bed with a feeling a peace. I am hoping to have many more such evenings throughout the summer.
I have been enjoying the beginning of garage sale season again this week and thought I would show you some items I picked up.
The big white bowl is a little scratched up on the inside so it will be re-used as a planter. My sweet little purple pansy will look lovely in it. The small urn/pot piece will be added to my white pottery collection.

This beauty has me puzzled. Not sure if it is for indoors or out. I think it may be a fancy bird feeder. It will most likely find a new home outside in the garden hanging on a fence.

Enamelware seems to enjoy coming home with me. Found this one yesterday and couldn't be more happy about it. It's in gloriously ruff shape and will be used for a planter also. Little blooms will love such a wonderful home.

The family and I are headed to my mom and dad's tonight. Were breaking out the ATV's and having a cabin building party down in "Pepsiville". Were all so excited spring is finally here and what better place to spend time then ATV'ing in the woods. Hope you all have a great weekend. See you soon.

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  1. Sounds like your evening was perfect and your yard sale finds, are great! Enjoy your time "having fun & getting dirty" and we'll see you when you return.


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