May 7, 2009

Chair Makeovers

Today I finished updating two chairs that needed some help.

I spray painted both chairs(chair with arms was the same color as chair on left)
For the arm chair I made a back pillow and a slightly ruffled shirts to dress it up a bit. The cushion gave me some problems. I ended up buying a chair cushion meant for outdoor furniture. It fits pretty well but the color will probably be changed to white. The current color bugs hubby somehow. So here is my finished product.
The next chair I also painted and updated the chair pad with a linen fabric. Next a made a cute little slipcover for the back of the chair to hid the broken back. Also added a monogram for good measure. This chair will sit at my computer desk in the downstairs living area. Here's a look.
For closures I used mother of pearl snaps. Looks like I may have pull out my iron, looking a little wrinkled, just ignore that part ok, thanks.

Here is a close up of the monogram and pintucks. Not sure if that is what they are called (does anyone else know?), whatever they are called I. Love. Them. Much more dressy than a ruffle. For the monogram I used fabric paint which was my first time play with and it is so fun. Definitely have to dream up so more projects to use it on.
Hope you enjoyed, have a great day.


  1. Awesome Robin!

    I L.O.V.E. the armless computer chair! I may have to figure out a way to copy. I'm on a hunt for a chair now!

    Beautiful work. I on the other hand have been a total dud. Keep it up. I think you're sparking some creativity lost within me.


  2. Robin,
    You did an awesome job on both chairs! That's really gave them both new life!


  3. LOVE the computer chair with the monogram!!

  4. This is fab!!! Totally fab and I LOVE IT TOO!!!

  5. The chairs look wonderful! :)

  6. Ooooo! I love the linen cover with monogram! I am definitely gonna have to try some fabric paint. You have been a busy bee!

  7. These are absolutely beautiful! I love them! I have *got* to learn to sew. :)

  8. I love what you did to your chairs!! The pintucks and the monogram are awesome.

  9. Popped over from Kimba's DIY on your current project of your red bench and decided to look around your blog. Loving your chair redos. I especially love this last one. Very nice.


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