May 18, 2009

Fence Garden Planting

Yesterday afternoon was spent shopping at the garden center and happily planting my new purchases.

I may have jump the gun a little on planting my annuals, I'm hoping it will turn out ok. I was able to finish planting the space in front of my fence, that a look...

Both sides of the middle walkway are basically the same. I ended up with all annuals except for the two shrubs. I splurged on the 4 yellow potentilla's which are one of my favorite shrubs. This version only gets about 3 ft tall, has wonderful large yellow flowers all summer long, dark glossy leaves and has a round shape sort of like a boxwood(which I love but can't get to survive winter).
The remaining area I filled in with annual saliva, dahlia, petunia and small zinnia. The dahlia and zinnia will both range in colors of pink, yellow, and red. The saliva, and petunia are both purple. I think it will all work out great together. Next year I will add a few perennials to the mix since they are by far my favorite. For now I can't wait to see it a month from now when everthing is much bigger and blooming.
Here is a side view which you are able to see both sides of the walkway. If you look close you can see the toy snake my little rascals place among the flowers to freak me out. I need to remember to move it next time I go out, don't want to scare the neighbors too much.
Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to show you the inside of the fence.

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  1. Your flowers and white fence are lovely - so crisp and pretty. I see the little snake - I've been the recipient of many a rubber snake and insect myself, so I can relate! :)


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