May 19, 2009

More Fence Garden Planting

Today I'll show off the inside of the fence.
The left side.
The right side.
The plants are again mostly annuals with a few pholox, creeping pholx and a new plant for me, lamb ears. I am hoping to find the perfect rose to fill in the corners of each bed. Also need to add a few more plants like maybe a daisy, coreopsis or saliva.
Here is a view looking out through the tree garden into the fence garden.
Can't wait to see pretty flowers against the white fence.
Here is another view of the tree garden. I'm so happy it is all coming together. It's starting to look like a real garden. Yippee


  1. It's looking great Robin! I just love the fence and the bricks too. The shape is wonderful. You'll love those lambs ears. And they multiply nicely too.

    I love dirt too!

  2. Robin! It's looking sooo good! I love white fences and I know once the flowers begin to bloom it's all going to just POP!
    I like the views of your yard. It looks like a nice space :0)


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