May 5, 2009

Laundry Room Reorganizing

Last week I tackled the disaster zone otherwise known as my laundry room. It's a combination laundry room, storage area, furnace room and craft space. It is also a landing zone for any item I don't want to deal with right away. A lot is packed into this little area and it was Messy with a capital M. It was time clean it up.

So with a little bit of a plan I set out to make the room function better for me. It seemed to be a wasted effort to try to make the room "pretty", but functional I can do.

First things first, STORAGE. I add a whole wall of storage in a little corner behind the furnace. Nothing fancy just boards (36" long by 15" wide) and metal brackets but now I have space for all my decorating stuff. I organized the boxes by holiday or type (curtains, picture frames). I am so pleased that it turned out so well, I have more room than I needed so I spread things out a bit. I will slowly work on buying plastic storage bins that all match to humor my matchy-matchy side.
I had a leftover shelf so I decided to hang it under the window to work as a high counter. It now holds the laundry soap, a bowl for change, my cans filled with paint brushes and a metal container filled with clothes pins. Underneath now sports two clothes bins, one for towels and one for JJ dress shirts. The wood box holds cords for gadgets, manuals and misc. small items I need often. Overhead I added a few clotheslines(sorry no pictures) to air dry items.

Here is a view from the other end of the room.

Also added a new curtain I found at the thrift store. I really like the way it make the room feel a little more dressy. I love there vintage flare.
Oh Look a BONUS! Found some money and other pair of sunglasses. Yippeee.


  1. You are on a roll! I can't wait to have an actual laundry room. My laundry is in the dank basement! Yuck!


  2. Oh I wish my laundry room looked that good. Love the vintage lace too!


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