May 6, 2009

Beautiful Fence

The new fence is installed. I am so happy. It is just like I imagined.

Look at this beauty.

Here is a side view.

I am so happy about how well it turned out. Now I am itching to plant. I have my plans all drawn up and my list of flowers and shrubs to buy. Now all I have to do is go to the garden store, OH THE HORROR(giggle,giggle, wink, wink). It won't be long now. For now I will enjoy my beautiful new fence.
Yesterday I bought Jazz a new pair of shorts.

This morning I had her try them on. Here is our conversation.
Me: Do they fit?
Jazz: Umm, yeah
Me: What is the problem?
Jazz: I'm not wearing them to school.
Me: Why not?
Jazz: Well, it just that I don't really care for clothes to have MESSAGES ON THE BUTT!
Me: HA! (composing myself) yeah I guess I can understand that. They will be good for around the house right!
I don't know why this struck my so funny this morning but I had a good 15 minutes of chuckling over it and thought I would share. I'm still laughing about it, poor girl will probably NEVER wear them now!


  1. THe fence looks great! It will make such a great background for all your plants/flowers/shrubs can't wait to see it!

  2. Love the's really cute!


  3. I love the fence in front, the perfect frame for flowers and plants. =)

    (Full disclosure: I also have a white picket fence and I think they are all dreamy.)


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