May 1, 2009

One Crazy Kid and A Questions

Zoe and I had are first garage sale adventure of the season yesterday. The kiddo was so excited she was CRAZY. She made a beeline past the toys. . . and the bikes . . . and the clothes

..straight to the SHOES!

by the end of the day she had three new pairs of shoes and two Barbie toys. Poor me, all I found was a little framed flower print. I had a great time watching her smiling face, looking so proud of herself. Her are her cute piggies sporting her new shoes.

Ladies I need your help. I can't decide if a paint color will work. Here is a little background.

We were in DESPERATE need of replacing a hand-me-down couch. We have been putting it off for years, simple waiting for the kids to get older so it won't get destroyed. The couch finally had become so bad if you sat on it too long you end up with a back ache. So we caved and decided to buy a new one. I had always told myself when the time came I would pick something out that I loved. WELL . . . . My husband fell in love with this instead.Not at all my style or a color I would have picked, but if you sit and recline it is simple divine! I forget about how much I don't like the look of it and slip into comfy spot. Now to rest of the room is in need of a update. You can see a little glips of the wall color in the background and to me it doesn't go very well together. What I would like to do is lighten things up but at the same time give the room a masculine feel.

Here is the main view looking at the TV area. I am having a hard time with a color scheme. This is the first time I have ever decorated with a brown before and I find myself in uncharted waters. I am thinking that the wall color would look good in a medium to dark khaki color which I think would really show off the white woodwork and TV cabinet. For accent colors I was thinking of added a little red. For windows I would love to try doing a drop cloth drapes like the ones I fell in love with over at The Lettered Cottage

So what do you think? Will it be too much brown? Do you have any other color combo's that would work, because I sure can't come up with any! I'm so zoned into yellow, red, and green that I use upstairs, my brain doesn't seem to be able to see any other colors. So if you think I should go for it or if you think "she's crazy" please, please let me know. I can use all the help I can get. Thanks!

I'll be spending the weekend in the garden Yippeeeeeeee! I have two full days of sunshine coming my way, perfectly timed for the weekend I might add, and I plan to enjoy every second of it. Come Monday I hope to have lots of photos to share of my just beginning to sprout garden. HeeHee, I'm so giddy!!!

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  1. Robin:

    I think a shade of khaki would work well. You can always add accent pillows and accessories in a light blue or orange or green to break things up a bit. Sage green walls would also be really pretty with the brown, as would a light blue that isn't too "little boy's room" blue.

    I like the color "raw silk" by ralph lauren or what used to be Martha Stewart's Everyday Green (I can't find her colors anymore in my area).

    Good luck and congrats on the new furniture. I'm still trying hard to make our old couches "work".



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