June 10, 2009

Rock Collecting

Up until two years ago I could never understand why people collected rocks. I just didn't get it.

UNTIL . . .

I stumbled upon this beauty along side a ATV trail in the middle of the woods.
I was amazed by how smooth it felt and it's ball like shape. I had never noticed one like it before. And so began my search for a perfectly round rock. It has become somewhat of a family affair. Nearly every pit stop or snack break along the trail the search continues; it seems to happen automatically. One moment were all clustered around the 4wheelers, the next someone wonders down the trail, then another, and another. Shoe clad toes start poking the ground. A "hum" can be heard wafting in the breeze. It's a peaceful, calming activity that we seem to enjoy. With the school year ending tomorrow and our planned camping trip next week maybe, just maybe we'll be bringing home a couple more treasures like these. . .

This one is near perfectly round, I love the cracks.

This one is not so round more oval but I love the color.

This one is round but flat(if that makes sense) and perfectly smooth.
Black and white, what a great combo.
So by now your all thinking "she's crazy" but I'm ok with that. I'm a crazy rock collecting girl.


  1. Robin:

    How funny. Eveyone in my family seems to collect rocks. They are everywhere in the house, in the mudroom, and on the porches. They are very cool :)

  2. We love to collect rocks (and all sorts of other things) - especially my son. :) We also collect heart-shaped rocks. They're fun to look for and easy to find, too. Your's are pretty!


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