August 7, 2009

Changing Things Up

It's raining here today and I spent most of the morning roaming around the house trying to figure out what to do with myself today. I didn't want to clean, didn't want to organize, and I was already caught up on my blog reading. After much thought I decided my accessories needed to be changed a bit.

I started in the Living Room. . .

Changing the pictures in the frames above my bookshelf.
Here is a close up. The images are digital brushed purchased from Designer Digital. I enlarged them, had them printed and now they look sweet hanging on the wall.
Next came the kitchen . . .
Changed the accessories on the counter behind my kitchen sink. Love my white rooster picked up from Target about three years ago. Never quite know what to do with him though. I think this works well.

Next came the hallway, then the hutch. My camera decided to play dirty and ran itself out of juice so I'll have to show you more tomorrow. See you then!


  1. How I wish I was having a rainy day :0)
    Love Mr. Rooster. Everything is looking good!

  2. Everything looks great! I love that rooster!

  3. Love those prints! and the rooster too! Oh how I need to do some re-arranging too.

  4. It's fun to re-arrange things - instant gratification! It all looks pretty! I see you're doing your family room. I'm starting mine too but am still trying to pick a wall color (why is that so hard LOL)!



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