August 11, 2009

Garden Tool

I'm currently in the midst of a few projects around the house. Here is a peek. . .
Since I have no completed projects to share I thought I would introduce you to one of my favorite gardening tools.

Meet Bucket....Isn't she pretty....
I enjoy hearing the clang of her handle when I set her down. I enjoy giving her a slight swing as I walk around the garden looking for weeds. She helps me imagine I'm a country girl instead stuck in suburbia. I can't help but grin as we work side by side. She's useful and handy - - she's quite possibly the best garden tool ever.


  1. I wonder what you'll be doing with that bookcase and patch. Can't wait to see.
    Ah, Miss Bucket...aren't you loverly. Galvenized and after my own heart :0)

  2. I have a painted bucket in my laundry room that I use as a trash can. Buckets are handy for sure. Love what you did with your bulletin board. Mimi


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