September 9, 2009

Entry Closet

Today while cleaning the front entry way I realized I may have never shared my entry closet. Last winter I gave it a makeover and having been enjoying the results ever since.

I don't have a before picture but I'm sure you all can imagine a standard builders grade hall coat closet with a simple hanging rod, a single shelf and bi-fold doors. The entryway is so small the bi-fold doors could not be opened if the front door was also opened. First things first I removed the bi-fold door, next hubby and I built a shoe shelf. I liked the improvements but thought hooks would be much easier for the family to use then coat hangers. We took down the shelf and hanging rod and replaced it with hooks on all three sides of the closet. Next we added two shelves on top. Now I love my entry closet in all its workable, organized, glory. Here is a close up that shows the shelves better. Until tomorrow, Robin


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!! Let me say it again - LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    I wish we had a closet by our front door! In our home, we have a coat closet, but it is in the middle of the house, next to the dining room. It's too far "in" the house to wantto use it for coats. We keep a basket for shoes in the living room, and added a coat rack behind the door for the quick-grab coats.

    But I love love love how clean and easy your closet looks!

  2. Haven't been around too much. Popping in here and there. Just wanted to say hello again.

    This closet is perfect! Great job. Lots of work happening around this new house we just bought. Nothing fun to post like this closet. Keep sharing!



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