September 21, 2009

Junk Bonanza Finds

It's time for. . .

On Friday I was happy to attend the Junk Bonanza for the first time. It was amazing and so much fun. Want to see what I found?

My wish list had two items that I was hoping to find at a reasonable price and I'm happy to say I found them both! Oh, a few other items also (heehee!)

Wish List item #1: A white scale. Isn't she fetching? And isn't the red metal toy phone adorable. She'll go wonderfully with the white one I picked up last month.

Wish List item #2: A wire basket. Found this egg basket and it is perfectly rusty - love it!

I'm very excited about this find - - a vintage seed sack with red and yellow on it. I'll be making a pillow cover with it and it will look stunning in my living room sitting on my red ticking stripe chair.
Some reading card which I plan to frame and hang in the play area of the family room.

My daughter loves horses so I picked up these photos for her room. The photo in the middle I'm not sure what I will do with but I loved the house.

And last but not least, a few little baubles to use around the house.

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Until tomorrow, Robin


  1. I love the reading cards, the wire basket and the feed sack...well, and everything else. Great finds!

  2. Hi Robin! It sounds like a great show to attend...even the name is perfect for junkers like us!! You scored big!! How nice that you found the 2 things you wanted...We love it all! Thank you so much for playing with us today!
    M & C

  3. How do you find these things....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that little phone! Way cute.

  4. Super finds! I especially love that perfectly shabby white scale - SO wonderful!

  5. EEEEEEEK!!! when i went out this week, i found a blue phone like yours that i really wanted...unfortunately the store i was visiting only takes cash and i had to decide between that and a frilly pink girl's petticoat...the petticoat won out...i love old scales too...i have a tiny collection of them

  6. I'm so jealous that you went to Junk Bonanza. LOVE the wire basket. I've been on the lookout for one like that.

  7. Love the scale! Everything you picked was something I would've picked too. You have great taste!
    Oh, and I love your beadboard, too.
    So glad I found you, I'm a fan!
    All the best,

  8. Great items! I'm happy for you that you got to go to that great event--I'm hoping some day to get to go!!

  9. Oh my gosh....what great finds. That phone is to die for!!!
    Happy day!!


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