September 23, 2009

A New Look For An Old Table

You may have already figured out I DISLIKE medium-dark wood tones.

Unfortunately, most of the hand-me-downs I've received in the past have been like this. Knowing the furniture was not in my style but appreciating the hand-me-down, I have used them around the house and have been happy to do so. Recently I decided enough was enough. It's time to make them mine. I couldn't be happier about it.

Here is an example I finished today. A wonderful, solid wood bedside table. It has large drawers and top surface but is too short for our bed. Instead of using it as intended I've been using it in our family room to hold toys and a lamp. It's worked great and I love it - - except for the color.

Now take a gander. My old trusty toy holder is now beautiful and will look wonderful with my family rooms new decor.

I removed the wood handles and will replace them with new ones when it find the right type. Until then I'm using some simple black ribbon.


  1. You are a woman after my own heart.

    I have done this a lot. My mantra - if I don't love it, make it something I love.

  2. Robin that looks fantastic! Great job...


    p.s I am adding you to my blogroll...

  3. Great transformation you made there. I'm not also a fan of medium-dark wood tones... I like it dark or white.


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