September 24, 2009

Quote Of The Day!

Now before I can tell you my quote of the day I need to give you a little tidbit about my sister and I.

We L.O.V.E. quirky little phrases.

Silly, yes, but we enjoy it. We use them constantly and hoot with laughter every time.

So last week, at work, my Sister was on the phone with a client. While wrapping up their conversation, the client mentioned he had something he was. . .


Now to my sister and I this is a GOLD MINE of a phrase. She all but inflicted bodily harm scrounging around her purse to find her cell and call me.

I'm dying to use the phrase, but I've sent maybe one fax in the past two years. But you can bet when the time comes to send a fax, this little gem will be use. I'll let anyone within shouting distance know I'm "fixin to fax" something.

If your one of those people that has the pleasure of faxing on a regular basis please do me a favor. Proclaim to all who will listen that your


. . . . then giggle. . .

. . . . ALOT. . .

. . . . It will be FUN!


  1. Ok, that is time I am getting ready to fax I am going to say that. I a sure the people in my office will think I am nuts!

  2. That's a southern thang, ya know. Down here, everyone says "I'm fixin' to" for just about evrything. Too cute.


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