September 15, 2009

A Oops and a "Thats Cool"

Take a look at my fantastic, newly distressed, frame I finished this morning.. . . If you HATE it, quick close your eye and blindly click your mouse to get far, far away


. . . If you LOVE it, giggle along with me because I am giggling with DELIGHT!

The finished frame is "Cool" but it started out as a big GIANT, OOPS!

I had in mind to create something similar to an old frame with large cracks in the paint. First I gave it a base coat of black, then I smeared on the crackle medium REALLY thick, followed by two quick light coats of spray paint.

And that is when the you know what, hit the fan!

After two hours drying time the top coat still looked wet and when I cautiously touch the paint a large section of it smeared right off!

DARN! Now what?

That's when I got the bright idea to use my paint scraper to get as much of the top coat off as possible, in hopes of starting over. It worked great but halfway through scraping I paused long enough to notice how it looked and thought "THAT'S COOL" Within that millisecond a new plan of attack was formed!

I finished scraping off the paint. Then gave it a very light coat of the topcoat color, waited ten minutes, then took my paint scraper to it again.

Let me tell you, paint scraping becomes a little addictive. I. Didn't. Know. When. To. Stop.

I went a little too far, so I gave it another light coat, waited ten minutes, then started scraping away again. The second coat gave it a little more depth so I repeated the process again. In total I painted and scraped four coats. Once it looked good to me I gave it a quick antique wash with watered down brown craft paint followed by a clear satin topcoat to seal it all together.

Here is a picture of the frame after a light coat of paint right before I began scraping.
So there you have it. A fetching new frame from an OOPS beginning.

Until tomorrow, Robin

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  1. Your frame turned out so cute. What are you going to put in it? Mimi


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