September 16, 2009

Yippeee! It's Done!


I'm joining Kimba's DIY Day over at A Soft Place To Land. Go check it out!

A couple weeks back I promised to share a bead board project I was attempting and today it the day it is finally finished. After countless trips to Menard's, lots of frustrated mumblings and a fair share of nicks and scraps I am eager to show off my newly acquired woodworking skills.

Here is the space I started with, a weird little niche in the main bathroom. Previously I had added a shelf and curtain to hold a few necessities shortly after moving in. It was functional but I wanted to give it a little more attention.
Here is my finished product! I do believe it is FANTASTIC, GORGEOUS AND DOWN RIGHT FETCHING!
Of course I had to pick up a few new accessories to fill in my new beautiful shelves. Love how my newly completed frame looks and the bottles with cute little tags are beauteous.
Here is a closeup of the bottles - - mmmmmm, yummy!
With this project done I am off to start the next. Family Room here I come!

Until tomorrow, Robin


  1. Very nice! love those bottles! I may have to use this photo to get Mr. Hughes cracking on that pantry!


  2. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! You did a fantastic job

  3. Ooooo...bravo! I love it. Over from Kimba's!

  4. AHH! That looks so much better! Awesome job!

  5. I love the bead board backing! Those shelves look really sharp. I'm signing up to be a follower and I hope you come to check out my blog!

  6. It looks wonderful! So pretty and cottagey. I love those bottles you used for the lotion, mouthwash, etc. Did you make the labels yourself?

  7. I love it-it looks like the beadboard was made for that space!

  8. That is SO fantastic!
    What an awesome project - I'm very impressed!
    Looks incredibly professional. Be proud!

  9. What a great way to transform a plain wall. I love the tags on the bottles too.

    Thanks for a great idea!

  10. This little nook redo is absolutely fabulous! It is definitely a much better use of space and I love all the accessories you put on it.


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