September 28, 2009

Rally '09

Every year about this time my uncle hosts a 4-wheel rally at his cabin. Uncle and aunts, grandparents and grand kids, cousins and friends all gather for a weekend of camping and 4-wheeling fun. Favorite activities include night rides through the woods with a stop off at the river to watch the moonlight on the water, drag racing and mudding.

Much to my kids delight, they were allowed to join in on the mudding this year. What a delight! They had a blast.

Daddy let Jaz ride a bigger machine this year and she put it to good use mudding it up!

Em rode in the mud hole for the first time by herself this year. In the past she has always loved riding with grandpa, but this time she was all on her own and loving it!

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  1. Well dust my broom!!! I never knew that "muddin'" was something that was enjoyed up north. Your girls are too cute!


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