October 8, 2009

Entryway Shelf

From the moment I laid eyes on this . . .

It's from Pottery Barn and I'm sure some of you recognize it, and have drooled over it yourself. It's beautiful and functional and all together perfect.

ummmmm, until you look at the price! $299.00! You've got to be kidding me!

Well, that dream is now crushed.

I've continued to check every new Pottery Barn catalog, hoping to catch a peek of my obsession, secretly wondering if they take trade-in's: I'd scrounge up a old coat rack, send it in and receive a brand new beautiful shelf ! How cool would that be!

Then I had a moment of pure genius (ok, pretty smart anyway)!

I told myself, "I'll make my own"

And so began my adventures in woodworking. Not knowing if I could pull it off, I mean I have never even made a bird house, a jumped right in and headed off to Menards to pick up a 1X10 and some paint.

I cut the wood to length and using some scrap wood I had on hand, drew out then cut the supports with my jigsaw.
Then using wood glue and nails put it all together. Next step was to add some trim to the edges.

The final step was to paint, add vinyl numbers and hooks.

This is the result. Isn't she fetching?
(Disclaimer: please ignore the big UGLY speaker hanging from the ceiling. I would love to move it but APPARENTLY in our house "you don't mess with the surround sound" - or so I've been informed. I guess it's a necessity - - like water or something (who knew?) So if you could pretty please just pretend it's not there, that would be great- Ok, thanks)

Here is another view.

Dad made the shoe rack for me for Christmas and I still have not got around to adding a cushion. That will come soon. I also think I will add some molding along the bottom and top to givet it more structure - but that will have to wait a bit. In the meantime I will enjoy my new Pottery Barn inspired shelf and give myself a bunch of pats on the back for a job well done.

Until tomorrow, Robin


  1. Hi Robin,
    You did and AWESOME job..it's perfect and good for you to make your own :)
    I am so impressed!
    Deb :)

  2. I was just talking to my hubby about making something like this! I have my very first preschooler and I had no idea how tricky it would be to find a spot for the backpack and the shoes and the coats and everything else. I thought people who had shoes all over their house were just messy...ha!

  3. Love that! And the price is so right. Mimi

  4. It looks great Robin! The numbers really make it!

  5. It's gorgeous! I love it! I'd like to make something like that for my entry. I'm in the process of cutting trim for bookcases my hubby built for me. I need an electric saw or something. I'm using a mitre saw and dang it's hard to cut through that wood! :)

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  7. Amazing! I`m so in love with the fan from the 5-th picture, i have to have one like it in my living room.I know it had to be a challenge.This looks unbelievable! You did a spectacular job! What an inspiration!

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