October 12, 2009

October Winter Beauty!

This morning, bleary eyed I glanced out the window and stopped cold in my tracks!

What the heck! It's snowing! Beautiful, fluffy, sticky snow was transformed my world into a winter wonderland . . .

Except it's OCTOBER!

I'm not ready for this. My yard is not ready for this - - lawn needs mowing, leaves need raking, garden needs to be put to bed for the winter, and three trees still need to drop their leaves. Plus the garage is so packed full of summer gear we have to park in the driveway.

I guess all that doesn't matter when your looking at such a beautiful view. Sure didn't bother the kids - their out sledding before while waiting for the bus to come.


  1. Beautiful, but way too early! They are calling for snow here tomorrow, but flurries only, I hope!

  2. We went from summer to winter with no fall weather. Your view is beautiful. But not yet!

  3. Wow! It's still in the mid 80's here. The now is beautiful and I'm sure fun to play in...although I don't think I could live where there's lots of it. 60 degrees is pretty darn chilly to me! lol


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