October 26, 2009

A Stroll Along Memory Lane

This past weekend I stumbled across an old picture of the first home my husband and I owned.
Within those old walls many first's were celebrated and memories made.

In this house, I became a pet owner.
In this house, I learned how to be a wife.
In this house, I celebrated the birth of my first child and two years later my second child.
In this house, I grew comfortable in my new role of being an "adult".
In this house, I became confident in my own abilities.
In this house, I learned mom's take the good along with the bad - and keep on moving forward.
The memories made within the wall of this old house are good and the lessons learned priceless - amazing what a old photo can do to warm the soul!


  1. You know that's funny, Robin, because my MIL gave me a big box of pictures, and in it was a picture of my husband and me standing in front of our first home. And oh, what memories rolled through our heads! We looked so young and invincible! Like we could conquer the world.

    Loved seeing your first nest and taking this walk down Memory Lane with you.


    Sheila :-)

  2. It's a cute little first house. Mimi


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