October 23, 2009

Kitchen: Simple Shelves

Outside it's COLD and SNOWING but inside it's warm and toasty (what a crazy October were having!).

I'm so happy to be in my kitchen today thanks to a new set of shelves installed this morning. They have added a tiny touch of warmth to my heart, not to mention a little country cottage charm to the room.

Want to see?

Here is a very bad before picture. This counter area of the kitchen is my "command central". It's where paper work get done, phone calls are made and lists are complied. I spend so much time in this little spot I thought it should have something hanging on the wall to make me smile. I took some scrap lumber and added shelf supports, then painted them all up and here is the results. Ahhhhhh! Much better. Now I think it's time to bake some cookies, the kids will be so happy.

Hope you all have a great weekend, see you Monday. Robin


  1. See ... that's the kind of thing I've have a hard time doing without spending oodles of money, researching how to do it online for about three days and then screw up four times before I got it right. They look great!

  2. Those look great! So cute!

    I cannot believe you have SNOW! We have the AC on still. WOW!

  3. This looks so nice, Robin! I love those touches of red. Still think you should paint your kitchen cabinets red, now that would be warm.


  4. I like the shelves a lot. I love the items you have on the shelves, too. That's always my problem.

  5. Love those shelves. really spiffed up that wall. I love that Celebrate Home book too. I wish I could go see that house in person. Mimi


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