December 1, 2009

Can You Feel It?

A tingle of anticipation . . .

A giggle of excitement. . .

The Christmas Season is upon us.

Go dig out all that glitters and sparkles;

snuggle up to the ones you love;

and By Golly have a Holly Jolly Christmas Season!


  1. I do feel it. Especially at the Festival of Trees! Mimi

  2. I saw some trees like that at Michael' them and your display. It looks especially pretty all in red! We are starting to feel festive here too...except it is 60 degress again today and sunny!

  3. oh, I feel it! and I love the red trees, but even more so, the glitter houses!!! I have a collection that I will bring out as soon as the dust settles here - and I mean the real dust from renovations!


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